Multiple Location Weddings | Do I need my wedding ceremony and reception in the same place? | Chelsea and Eric Wedding Photography

This is a question we get asked a lot. Do I need to have my reception at the same location as my ceremony? The answer is no, it’s totally up to you! There are some advantages to being in one location, mainly logistics. It’s nice not to worry about having to get from one place to another, or that Uncle Bob goes missing along the way.  However, logistics is an easy thing to arrange if you plan in advance, and if you’re worried about it you can always hire a day of coordinator to make sure someone is there pointing people in the right direction.  Chelsea and Eric had their wedding ceremony at St Margaret Mary Catholic Church with an impressive place for a wedding ceremony.   Their reception was at the Holy Trinity Reception Center, everyone looked a little more relaxed on the steps to this venue before the party got started.


Both venues were exactly what they were looking for and everyone made it to exactly where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. A big advantage of multiple locations is that it gives you even more of a selection of locations for your wedding photography and all those cute portraits you want of your big day.  My advice: Do what makes you happy, 1 location, 2 locations or a bar crawl around the city, whatever will make you smile the most!

Engagement Photography Tips! Mikaela + Jeremy | Cypress Grove Park | Orlando Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions are always a fun thing to do with your future spouse! Couples have a lot of questions surrounding their engagement session, let's get you ready! Here are a few tips and tricks we've learned over the years to have a successful engagement photography session. 

1. Be Comfortable
We want all of our couples to look their best, but you want to be comfortable at the same time. Wear something that is easy to move in, you look good in and makes you feel confident. Maybe it's your favorite t-shirt or maybe it's what you wore on your first date, it doesn't matter as long as you feel good in it because it will show in your photos if you're not comfortable.

2. Pick a Location or Activity You Enjoy Doing Together!
You met somewhere, you love doing activities together, so what are they? Maybe it's cooking together, going for walks with your furry friend or maybe it's getting fit and going for a kayak or a paddle board. Think on it and come up with something you can do together that is fun for the two of you. For an example, Mikaela and Jeremy love playing cards and it's how he stole his first kiss. So this idea seemed particularly fitting for them, plus, they love to read. They brought some of their favorite books and we photographed them having a great time together in their engagement session. Personally, I would love it if someone wanted to do a tandem bicycle riding or motorcycle-with-a-side-car engagement session - think about how fun the photos would be! The possibilities are endless.

3. Get Up Early!
When you're scheduling your engagement photography session get up early, it's worth it. We prefer to do sessions in the morning because one, it's not as hot out there, and two, it really is the most flattering light. It is still low enough in the sky that it ducks behind trees and makes the most beautiful photos in the morning hours.

4. Go On A Breakfast Date!
You just finished an awesome engagement shoot having fun with your favorite person in the world. Celebrate with breakfast. It's early and we love breakfast food, so we suggest making a date out of it! Treat yo self right? Our breakfast tip: pick a place with mimosas. :-)

Same Sex Wedding Photography | Dara and Stephanie | Orlando, Florida

Orlando Pride is strong and we have seen an increase in gay weddings. Love is love and now that same sex marriage is legal everyone has the right to the wedding of their dreams.  Dara and Stephanie got married at the Orlando Science Center out on the Terrace, overlooking the City of Orlando. They didn’t give us a shot list, but they did want one specfic image.... one of them coming back down the isle with the pride flags. Being up on the roof of the venue definitely helped us get that fun shot!

We are so happy for this amazing couple, the day was perfect and we were so happy to be there to capture all of their awesome and cute candid moments.... one of the main reasons why we love being wedding photographers!  Check out a few more of these beautiful wedding images of a couple very much in love.

Fun Wedding Venues in Central Florida! Orlando Science Center Wedding Photography | Kristine and Scott

There are so many different types of wedding venues out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Some people love classic weddings, many people now like the outdoor barn/shabby chic look, and others....... well they just want to do their cake cutting in front of a massive T Rex!

This venue has an outdoor ceremony site and reception site, or you can choose to do everything inside, there are so many options.  As a wedding photographer around Orlando there isn’t another place like this to get some fun and hilarious wedding images. Kristine and Scott are an awesome couple that had a super fun wedding, thanks for inviting us to be your wedding photographers! 

Kate and Nate's One Year Anniversary Portraits! Rollins, Winter Park

We just love to get the opportunity to take pictures of all of our couples on all of their special occasions, not just their wedding day.  We did engagement photography, wedding photography, and now Kate and Nate got some portraits for their one year anniversary.  We took a walk around Rollins on a beautiful day, this is such a great place around Orlando for some portraits.  Congrats to Kate and Nate on their first year, and we can't wait to see you for year 2, or any other surprises that come along!

Outdoor Family Photography Central Florida | Alexis and Brandon had a Baby!

Alexis and Brandon are such great people, when we did their wedding photography we knew it wasn't going to be long before they called us back for some baby pictures!!!  Check out this smile!  We can't work out if she looks more like mom or dad, either way she is adorable.  These guys are pretty laid back and wanted their family photography to be the same.  We hung out in the park while these guys showed off their new little edition to the family!

Alexis + Brandon | Wedding Photography and Videography Combination!

A couple of months ago we introduced you to Alexis and Brandon and their adorable candid Wedding Video.   

Well today we want to share the photos of that amazing day at Mission Inn Resort, and there's a good reason why... check out the blog tomorrow when we catch up with Alexis and Brandon to find out more!

With wedding photography we tend to see a lot of variations of reds and pinks, a green color theme is not as common, but is equally striking! These ladies chose to wear several different shades of green, which has huge advantages if your ladies are all from different states. Pick a color, pick a dress - simple right? Don't be afraid to add some patterns in there too if it works.  The green didn't stop there, Alexis's bouquet was more foliage based rather than solely reliant on flowers. Which it's always nice to see something different, plus it's going to save you significant costs with your florist. Check out all their cool wedding touches and details.

Katie and Mike | Legends @ Mission Inn Resort | Wedding Photography Lake County

We had an awesome time doing Katie and Mike's Wedding Photography over at Mission Inn Resort.  They chose an outdoor ceremony by the fountain and had their reception in Legends, which looked beautiful!  These two fantastic people have been together for 10 years so it was definitely time to throw a big party to celebrate and make it official.  Katie looked STUNNING in her sleek wedding dress and Mike.... well Mike looks like Pierce Brosnan to me... who wouldn't want to marry a James Bond lookalike.  Check out a few of their wedding images, and their sweet dance moves.

Traditional or Non-Traditional Setting? Golden Bear Club | Jamie + Michael | Orlando Wedding Photography

Have you been trying to decide between a traditional wedding ceremony and a more non-traditional setting with a quirky venue? There are a lot of benefits to both, but it just depends on what you feel is most significant to you and your partner's big day.

When you're getting married in a church the structure is already in place - it's not their first rodeo, they do hundreds of weddings a year, some multiple per day. You're not going to have to rent any chairs, set up an alter and most churches even have talented musicians available. You just have to show up bring some programs and you're ready to get married. It may even be a cost saver if you belong to a local church.

If you're not traditional and feel like you and your partner want to get creative, maybe you should look into a venue that's a little outside the box. With a non-traditional wedding location, you can do almost anything. The sky is the limit. Maybe you have your heart set on an outdoor lake setting with plenty of trees or heck, maybe it's tying the knot at your favorite brewery. It's a more relaxed event and the atmosphere feels carefree. With these types of venues you can DIY to your hearts content or hire anyone to come in and decorate it for you. However, there are venues out there too like The Acre in Orlando that doesn't need much decorating at all - it's just quirky all by itself.

No matter what you're looking for, it's out there. In Central Florida there are no shortages of amazing locations.

Michelle + Zach | Orlando Wedding Photography | Mission Inn Marina Del Rey

Yay for this venue, it's such a beautiful outdoor setting! Not only is it the perfect setting, but Mission Inn Resort's Marina Del Rey can be more casual or upscale depending on how you want to decorate it. These two accented their wedding with a lot of bright colors which always looks great in your wedding photography. Did I mention she had succulents in her bouquet? I love those! One of the advantages of the Maria is it's killer sunsets, which make for some amazing sunset wedding photos. Check out all of Michelle and Zach's fun below!