Robyn and Andrew Engagement Photography | Enzian Theater | Orlando

Ever think about giving your wedding a theme? Meet Robyn and Andrew, they did! They wanted to incorporate the theme, classic Hollywood and also wanted to continue that theme into their save-the-date card photography. Robyn suggested the Enzian in Maitland, FL for her engagement session - what a great idea! Robyn even found a cool purse on Etsy that looked like a classic movie admit one ticket. When thinking about your engagement session photography think about incorporating a theme, it's fun!

Joan and Richard | Love Story | Orlando Wedding Videography

Joan and Richard wanted to do something special for their reception to thank all their guests for being there.  They booked our "Feature" wedding video package but decided to add on a little extra.  We met with them before the wedding to put together a video they could play for all their guests right before the couple were introduced into the reception.  The video thanks the guests and also tells the love story of how this awesome couple met and fell in love.  What a great add on to really make your wedding videography special, not only do you have memories of the day, but also a video telling your story, exactly how you remember it.  Check out "Meet the Conelys" to listen to their love story, then check out the highlights from Joan and Richard's big day.  Congrats guys!

The Empress Table | "New Growth" event photography | Orlando

The Empress table is a "Full circle event planning & dinner party design. Bringing love & abundance back to the community by way of your special celebration."  We have known these ladies for a while and are excited about their new project, a planning company to make your event awesome, as well as giving back to charity.  There are 4 main charities, one of which is the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida!  Parties and giving back... great combo.  We were invited to one of their dinner parties and did some photography while we were there, nice job ladies!  Good luck with it, and thanks for using your business as a way to help give back.

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Studio newborn photography Vs lifestyle newborn photography?

So you had a baby, YAY!  Now I'm sure its time to get some newborn photography done!  Lots of people in the Orlando area ask us:  Whats better, studio baby photography, or more of a lifestyle feel.  The answer is.... both are great!  It totally depends on what kind of style you are looking for.  

We shot Amy and Mike's wedding, her baby bump and now we are super happy to introduce Atticus Fox (I know! Cool name!).  This was shot at their home with a lifestyle feel, they wanted to be part of the shoot and do it in the most natural place possible.  We got a bunch of cute images of this little guy, here's a few for you to check out.

Kelsey and James | Engagement Photography Orlando

This weekend Kelsey and James came down from Chicago Illinois for their engagement photography session here in Orlando!  This couple were here on vacation in Orlando and decided that the sunshine state was the perfect place to get some cute engagement photography.  We spent some time walking around Lake Eola, hanging out, and generally having a fun time.  We love shooting engagement sessions, its cute couples like this that make our day :)  Congrats to Kelsey and James on their engagement, and all the best for the big day!

Michelle and Jim | Initmate Wedding Photography

Michelle + Jim had an intimate wedding celebration in Winter Garden, FL. It was so beautiful! After the ceremony, we went to their cute home located right in the middle of downtown Winter Garden for a reception! They're so lucky to live so close to such a nice downtown area. The intimate wedding was catering in their home by Puff n' Stuff Catering - Mmmm! Their wedding photography turned out great! It goes to show you, having a photographer is still really beneficial even at an intimate wedding. It's a great way to remember the big day!

Haley + Jaymes (and Pickles!) | Engagement Photography Session | Orlando, FL

You're engaged! You're at the start of your life together. We think this is a perfect time to have an engagement session. Why would you want to have an engagement session you may ask? Here are a few reasons why it's a fantastic idea!

1. You have the opportunity to work with your photographer before the big day! We offer engagement sessions because we want to get to know you too! Plus, it's a lot of fun!

2. You're in Orlando. One of the top destinations in the United States. Orlando offers a variety of backdrops - you've got cityscapes, small towns, and even several beautiful gardens.  If you check our Haley + Jaymes's session below it has a lot of variety in the Church Street Orlando area. Think outside the box on this one too - do you have a favorite place you go together? Do you like being outside? Maybe you can go kayaking, or maybe it's just a favorite local bar.  You give us ideas and we'll be happy to help! Click here to view engagement session photography ideas on our website too for more!

3. Save the Date Cards. There are several websites out there with templates to create your own custom design. It's always nice to include pictures of the two love birds! Plus, show off that newly acquired bling!

4. Non-Wedding Images. You're going to - no doubt - have a bunch of great images from your wedding, but what about what you look like in everyday life? This is a great chance to show off your personality too! If you like eating cupcakes together, let's go do that!

5. And my personal favorite... It's a great morning date! Just think, afterwards you can treat yourself to breakfast at your favorite place. Why not? You're already dressed up and both of you have the morning off together.

Joanna + Emily | Paradise Cove | Same-Sex Wedding Photography

Want a beach wedding without the mess of the beach? Check out one of Orlando's most popular venue's - Paradise Cove! It's complete with white sandy beaches, palms trees and cypress trees. It's located on Lake Bryan which creates a beautiful backdrop for wedding photography! It even has a tiki bar, twinkle lights and tiki torches! Emily and Joanna took full advantage of all the cool spots for their wedding photography - they even brought their puppy! We love puppies! Check out this beautiful same-sex wedding below to get some ideas for your big day. 

Amy + Mike (and Atticus) | Family Photography Session

Amy and Mike are past clients of ours and we are always delighted when a past client calls us about the next big adventure in their lives: a baby is coming! Their baby boy will be arriving shortly and his name is Atticus, what a cool name you don't hear very often. They are also going to give him the nick name of "Fox". This kid is already set up to be cool. This couple is a huge fan of living life outside of the box and we love that about them! Check out some of their maternity photography below. We can't wait to be in the welcoming committee when Atticus arrives in a few weeks!