How many people work for your company?

Kellie and Lindsay own and operate Live Happy Studio. We do everything from client meetings, shooting both wedding photography and videography, editing, blogging, wedding product design, and anything else we can! We do all of this to make sure customer service is top notch.  When clients who book photography and videography on the same day, our excellent video team will be there alongside us to keep things consistent, and keep the smiles going.

How long have you been wedding photographers?

We have been pointing cameras at people like you for over a decade, and we still love every moment!

What is your wedding photography style?

Our wedding photography style is documentary. It’s a candid approach to capturing people in their environment, naturally. We pride ourselves on making people feel comfortable, whether we are directing a big family portrait or hiding behind a tree to capture Aunt Polly's contagious laughter, we’ll be there capturing natural candid images.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

We shoot approximately 40-60 weddings every year, we just can't get enough of it!

Should I give you a specific list of portraits I want?

That's entirely up to you! We love working together with our couples and all of their ideas! A lot of clients have a few fun images they have seen online that they may want to recreate, or maybe some fun new ideas of their own! We also have a bunch of fun things to do if you want to keep it easy and leave it to us! During the family portrait session we have a mental list that we work through to make sure we capture everyone there. If you have a specific list of family shots, or just a couple of unusual ones that we may not think of (like uncle Bob with his full family of Chihuahua's) let us know and we'll add that in there too.

We have plenty of suggestions from pretty settings, stunning composition and fun things for you to do! We love natural photography, so we try to suggest things that will make you feel comfortable, instead of telling you to point your toe this way, your arm that way, then spin your head around backwards. We want you to be comfortable and its part of our job to make that happen and this shows in your wedding images, no stiff poses, just happy faces. The key to this is to not overthink it, just enjoy the day!

Do you pose us?

Yes! We always shoot every wedding together. One of the best things about Live Happy Studio is you always get TWO main shooters, instead of a head shooter and an assistant.

Will I have Lindsay and Kellie shooting my wedding?

No. Your wedding day is important to us, you are our only focus!

Do you shoot more than one wedding a day?

This really depends on the amount of hours we are there and the amount of things you have going on! Generally our couples receive 700-1000 images! Thats a lot of memories!

How many images do I get and how to we receive them?

How long is your turn around time for wedding images?

We know you can’t wait to share your wedding photography, and neither can we! That's why we have a 2 week turn-around time. No need to wait months, your images will be ready for you by the time you're back from your honeymoon!  

What does the editing process involve?

We go through all of your wedding images and remove any where your eyes are closed, people are looking the wrong direction or granny has her hat on backwards. Then everything is organized for you into sections of your day to make it easier to find any images you are looking for. Finally cropping, exposure and color is corrected if needed, and we duplicate some of the ones we love to B&W.

Yes! We love taking wedding photos and we feel those images are meant to share! We include a copyright release form with every set of images. Sharing is caring.

Do I get a copyright release form?

Yes! They are really really big…. if you want to make a billboard or wallpaper with your faces on, then you’re all set. :-)

Do I get high resolution images?

No, of course not, they’re your images!

Do the images you give me have watermarks?

Yes and we are happy to provide a copy to your venue if they need it.

Do you have insurance?

We use digital DSLR’s. More specifically we use Canon Mark IV’s (they're pretty fancy!). Yes, and we also have back-ups for our back-ups :)

What type of camera do you use, and do you have a back up?

Don’t wait! Wedding dates book up quickly! Most people book their wedding photography around 9-12 months in advance, sometimes more in the popular months.

How long should I wait to book my date?

What payment methods do you accept and what is the deposit?

We accept all major forms of payments, whatever is easiest for you! Generally we ask for a 50% deposit when you reserve your date with a contract, and then the remaining 50% 10 days before the wedding.