We believe everyone should be able to afford great quality wedding images from experienced photographers. So this month we decided to offer a discount - 20% off all of our photography packages! You get the same great package contents but save hundreds of dollars. Sound like a good deal?


We tried to design our wedding photography packages based on what most people are looking for, and what most people could afford! Weddings are very expensive and we offer a range of wedding photography packages to make sure you get everything you need at a reasonable price. We want every single client to have something tangible, so we offer a wedding album in each of our photography packages. It’s a great way to give any friends or family visiting a quick look at all of the wedding images you personally select. We also have the BIG photography package for those of you that want larger or extra fun wedding photography products, while not having to pay thousands of dollars for them. We make sure that every client gets all edited wedding images with full copyright release form, and we do this within 2 weeks. There is nothing worse than having to wait months for your wedding images! We want every client to be the happiest they can be and delivering the wedding photos before you are even back from your honeymoon is just one way in which we make this happen. These packages can be completely adapted to your needs. Get in touch today to tell us what you are looking for in your wedding photography package - and we'll make it happen!

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