Real Wedding Advice: Natalie and Thomas's Wedding at Harmony Gardens | Orlando Wedding Photography

We love talking to our brides and grooms after the wedding to find out what their experiences were on their big day, hopefully this will help when you’re planning your big day. There are so many little things you probably didn’t even think about or have over thought. We asked Natalie and Thomas to share some of their advice and tips with us.

When you’re thinking about planning your wedding day what should you do to keep it original? “The goal for our wedding was to keep it simple, rustic, and be a reflection of us,” Natalie said. “It is such a beautiful venue that we wanted to compliment the setting.” We agree, when you pick such a beautiful garden venue like Harmony Gardens, decorating is hardly a concern. If you’re looking for a rustic garden or outdoor venue in the Orlando area, check this place out. Plus, they have a lot of decor already up there making it quite romantic.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, wait, “Should we write our own vows?” We asked Natalie what they did and she said, “We chose to write and recite our own vows.” If you do decide to write your own vows, where should you start? Here are a couple of quick tips to make writing your vows a breeze.

Have you ever thought about asking your partner’s parents or friends for advice? It might be nice to bounce your ideas off of someone who also has been around the two of you during your relationship, plus, you’ll get a chance to reminisce about all the great stories you have together. So many questions to ask, “What should I write? What should the structure of my vows be? Should I go traditional or non-traditional with my vows?” It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re speaking from the heart. If you’re really stuck, try a quick google search, it might help you find a structure you like or maybe even an outline, but the important part is to make it personal. Remember, no matter what happens your partner is going to love it because you wrote it. Natalie said, “We will both always remember reciting our vows to one another in front of our family and friends.” One of Thomas’s favorite things about the day was seeing Natalie walk down the aisle and Natalie’s was dancing with her new husband.

Another part of your day that involves some planning is, “How many people should I have in my wedding party?” They are your go-to, ride-or-die,
top-team-of-dream people who you want standing right behind you on your big day. If you want to go traditional, most parties have between 3 and 5 on each side, but if you’re looking to keep it simple, go small. Natalie and Thomas said, “We kept the wedding party small with only a maid of honor, best man, & flower girl.” For many of our brides and grooms there are several advantages to going smaller. You can get through formal portraits quicker and get to cocktail hour! Score!

After all this planning, what kind of tips do Natalie and Thomas have for you?

Natalie + Thomas: “Keep the wedding simple, make the day a reflection of you and your intended (rather than doing what is popular or what others expect/want), be well organized in the planning stages, have a day of event coordinator, order your invitations from an online company such as Minted, and enjoy the day.”

Family Photography in Orlando | Yvonn's Family Vacation!

Orlando is a great place for a family vacation or reunion! We get the opportunity to meet families from all over the world, and get some really FUN photos while everyone is together. Recently Yvonn gave us a call to come over to their vacation house and do some family photography with her tribe. Four generations of fun all around one swimming pool.

Tips for planning YOUR family vacation photo session:

  1. Think about location! Are you looking for a natural park setting, or more of a downtown look? Maybe you are going for Ice Cream, or an activity something you love. Once you have a few ideas talk to you photographer and ask them if they have any suggestions of local areas based on the style you’re going for.

  2. Wardrobe! In this shoot Yvonn decided to get the whole family in blue shirts, each little “sub family” has their own tone of that color. Some families like to use a color theme, others like to come as they are. There are no rules! As a general suggestion aim for solid colors and try to avoid black and white, and patterns that are too busy. Just remember - if you feel comfortable you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera. Also, remember to dress for the weather.

  3. Props! If you have small kids it’s sometimes nice to bring along a blanket to sit on, or some fun toys we can play with. Books, board games, football, picnics - this list is endless. Not all family photography needs to be everyone looking at the camera, getting some more natural candid portraits is nice too!

  4. Timing! On vacation not everyone wants to get up too early….. however, usually earlier in the morning has the best light, and less chance of rain here in Florida. Everyone is usually feeling a bit more rested in the morning than after a day of activities.

  5. HAVE FUN. This is by far the most important. Planning is great, but don’t over prepare or worry about the shoot. The best images are going to come from having fun and being relaxed with each other. Kids will be kids, and they may not always be looking the right way, and sometimes a finger may be stuck up a nose but sometimes those are the funniest pictures to look back on!

If you are looking for a family photography shoot here in Orlando, Florida then feel free to reach out and share your awesome ideas -

Alayna + Nick's Downtown Orlando Engagement Photography | Orlando Wedding Photographer | Church Street Station

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Family Vacation Portrait Photography | Cypress Grove Park | Orlando, FL

One of my favorite ways to start out a family session is for everyone to give each other high fives! It gets everyone loosened up and ready to smile, because, lets face it, someone is going to laugh. :-)

You’re already here on vacation feeling relaxed and sun kissed by the Florida sunshine - why not think about getting some fun family photos? It’s probably been years since you’ve all gone on a big vacation together, take a few minutes out of your vacation to take some family portraits.

“We could not be more happy with our Live Happy Studio Experience!! Kellie and Lindsay were such a pleasure! Stunning captures, creative poses and groupings, awesome locations, and a fabulous experience at the shoot itself, “ says Ozzie, one of our recent family portrait clients.

We always want you to have a great time when you’re taking photos with us, bring your smiles and high fives and we’ll have a great time!

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“High fives everyone! Go!”

“High fives everyone! Go!”

Mom and Dad hugs!

Mom and Dad hugs!

Silliness with your siblings!

Silliness with your siblings!

Florida sunlight looks great on everyone!

Florida sunlight looks great on everyone!

Holding hands together with younger kids can always be a fun family photo too!

Holding hands together with younger kids can always be a fun family photo too!



My favorite is a big family hug!

My favorite is a big family hug!

Alexa and Daniel | Orlando Science Center | Dino Digs Ceremony and Reception | Wedding Photography Orlando

Happy Friday! It’s time for question and answer! We caught up with Alexa and Daniel who we shot with a few weeks ago to help answer some of your questions and to help you with some of their tips and tricks for the big day!

Tell us about you two: Between jobs, I applied for a seasonal position at a local music store that works closely with the schools in the Central Florida area and Daniel happened to be the manager. We were two of the more serious, work-oriented employees, so we worked closely throughout the few months I was there. At the end of my time there, we started dating.

Theme or No Theme?: Neither of us was super attached to any particular theme, so we decided to "theme" it around our interests. Each table was a different hobby or pop culture series we love and we decorated with objects we already owned to make them more personal and tied to the parts of those mini themes that drew us in.

Why did you pick the Orlando Science Center?: The spaces at the OSC were equal parts decor and entertainment, which made it very easy to welcome our guests at the venue. Instead of having to find some way to decorate the entire space or entertain our guests while we were taking pictures, the museum already had exhibits to invite guests to learn and interact.

Everyone has special parts about their day, what was your favorite one? : I think I can honestly say taking pictures with everyone was my favorite part! There was very little pressure on us in that moment and we got to casually be with our close family at the same time. And, of course, our photographers made everything fun and relaxed!

One piece of advice you would give future couples?:
1) Relax! At the end of the day, you're marrying your partner and it's a night for the two of you. Have fun, don't fret over the little things, and celebrate together.
2) Bra-wearing people: Tighten your straps, adhere them to your outfit, whatever you need to do to keep the straps from slipping out.

We know you had some awesome vendors making your big day perfect, who were they? They deserve a round of applause!

Venue: Orlando Science Center
Catering: Cocktails Catering
Cake: 4Rivers Sweet Shop
Hair: Susan Mottin
Officiant: Lovely Ceremony
DJ: DJ Live Productions

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Nataya + Alfonso | Benvenuto Restaurant | Boynton Beach, FL | Orlando Wedding Photography

Your wedding is something you’ve probably been thinking about for a long time and there is a bunch to organize, so many decisions to be made, and months of planning every little detail.  When it gets to the day it’s time to relax out and let it all happen. Remember, you have put together your super awesome team of vendors to be there for you every step of the way.  Wedding photography is a big part of your day and we know you’ll look your best expecially if you’re having a great time! We like to have a blast with all of our clients, your wedding should be the happiest day ever, not the most stressful day of your life. Here's some tips from us to make your wedding day more fun, and your images filled with smiles and laughs.


1.  Be yourself:  People look their best when they are relaxed, so don't over think your photography!  Do what you normally do and have fun doing it (just pretend we are not there - it's pretty easy with us as Kellie is only 5ft tall so she's easy to miss).  We'll be there to get all the special without you making that fake smile. The best smiles are the real ones, a "cheese" smile only uses the muscles in your lower face, a real smile (one that lights up a room) comes from the eyes.  You can't fake a real smile, so instead of worrying about how you look or if your head is tilted the right way, just have fun.

2.  Don't worry about time:  Stressing about timing isn't going to make your day any more fun, plus it means you're going to look stressed in all of your pictures!  Let the people you have hired do their thing and don't worry about time.  They all have watches on. :-) Most couple we work with seem to think they are late when they are not.  Slow down and enjoy the moment, it goes so fast.  As photographers, we know we have a set amount of time for portraits and that’s why we move quickly.  If your ceremony is running a few minutes behind, don't worry, we'll work on fast forward and make sure you get to dinner on time :)  It's our aim to get all of your images done asap so you can relax or even join your cocktail hour.

3. Ridiculous portraits:  We need the traditional family portraits of course, we'll make sure we get those done first, then its time to have some silliness. There's always one person in a wedding party that’s up for anything, we like this person, and we usually ask who it is - all fingers usually point in the same direction :)  Remember that not all images have to be pretty and perfect, why not have one where you are striking a pose, being chased by a T-Rex,  or blowing bubbles at each other for no reason at all.  Not only do these moment create exciting images, they also create a moment for us right after that portrait to capture candid moments of you all laughing at how silly you just were - again, going for those authentic smiles.

4.  Don't sweat the small stuff:  There are a bajillion little details that you pull together for a wedding, if one tiny thing didn't work out don't worry!  Many couplea are concerned that something isn't perfect for the guests.  The likelihood is that people didn't notice the different type of flower in your bouquet or that the cakes icing is off-white instead of polar white.  It will look amazing, your guests will love it, and we'll be there to make sure every little detail is captured. We don’t want you to miss seeing all of your hard work come together.

5.  Don't be afraid to show off your sweet dance moves:  We love all the unique moments that a wedding brings, but some of the most outrageous are the ones from the reception.  If you're on the dance floor then everyone will be on the dance floor too - and that makes for some pretty cool pictures. Especially when your 92 year old granny who never dances decides to jump on the dance floor and grind it up (yes, that happened).  Drag them all on the dance floor and make them show you their moves.... even if they don't have any it will make for great pictures. It’s all about getting down and celebrating the coming together of all these families and friends.

Your wedding day really will be one of the most memorable in your life.  Focus on the fun and all the amazing things that happen and that’s what you'll remember for a lifetime.  

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Charles + Chensi | Orlando Science Center Wedding | Leu Gardens | Orlando Wedding Photography

We thought we’d try something different, check out this question and answer session with Charles + Chensi who recently tied the knot at the Orlando Science Center.

1. How did you guys meet? “We met on Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app. After chatting online for few weeks, we decided to meet in person. Our first date was at a Ramen restaurant called Sapporo. It was moderately awkward since we are both introverts but thankfully no nuclear meltdowns occurred.  We really got to know each other on our second date at Cocoa Beach where we just walked and talked hours analyzing Star Wars, swapped book/manga recommendations, and talked about our lives before moving to Florida. What was originally planned for a 3 hour date lasted longer and longer as we were just enjoying time with one another. It felt so natural.”

2. Did you guys have a specific theme for your wedding? “We wanted a wedding that represented us: quirky and elegant, relaxed and fun. We tried to blend in elements from our Chinese heritage - for example, oranges as the centerpieces to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. Nearly all of our music were classical arrangements from various video games of our childhoods and films by Studio Ghibli. Lots of friends were playing "guess that song" once they realized what we had done with the music. We also wanted the wedding to be interactive for all of our guests, hence the scavenger hunt and the trivia game."

3. What was your favorite thing about the Orlando Science Center? The venue coordinators! Helen and Mikaela were responded quickly to all of our questions. They worked with us to make sure the day ran smoothly, and that the ceremony and reception spaces were set up just as we envisioned. Also, the sandbox in the Dino Digs Reception room was probably many of the guests' favorite part of the venue. The kids all loved playing in it and the parents could enjoy dinner without worrying about their kids. 

4. Most memorable part of the day for you two? Charles: “When I saw Chensi for the first time during our first look in Leu Gardens. It was a separate space and time just for the two of us.” Chensi: “When we finished our first dance. We had only minimal ballroom dance experience when we started lessons but we knew this was something important to the both of us so we put aside time and energy for months to work on this dance. I felt so proud that we were able to accomplish this together. “

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Check out our brochure at

Special thanks to all the hard working vendors:

DJ: Junction 88 Productions

Florist: Lee Forrest Design

Stationary/Invites: Minted, Elly ( for ceremony programs, Susan Moyal ( for reception menus

Favors: Signature Coins

Catering: Cuisiniers

Cake: n/a, pies from Sugarbuzz Dezert Company

Linens: Cuisiniers 

Make-up Artist: LeJeune Hair & Makeup Artistry

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Wedding Venues: Traditional or Non-Traditional? Jamie and Micheal | Orlando Wedding Videography | Golden Bear Club

Happy Monday! We’ve got a great video for you to check out of a couple who went traditional for the ceremony and a bit non-traditional for their reception, it’s not a typical ballroom.

Have you been trying to decide between a traditional wedding ceremony and a more non-traditional setting with a quirky venue? There are a lot of benefits to both, but it just depends on what you feel is most significant to you and your partner's big day.

When you're tying the knot in a church the structure is already in place - it's not their first wedding, they do hundreds of weddings a year, some multiple per day. You're not going to have to rent any chairs, set up an alter and most churches even have talented musicians available for you to pick from. You just have to show up bring some programs and you're ready! It may even be a cost saver if you belong to a local church.

If you're not feeling the traditional route and feel like you and your partner want to get creative, maybe you should look into a venue that's a little outside the box. With more and more venues coming out everyday, there will be no shortage of choice. With a non-traditional wedding location, you can do almost anything. The sky is the limit. Maybe you have your heart set on an outdoor lake setting with plenty of trees or heck, maybe it's tying the knot at your favorite brewery or an old airplane hanger. It's a more relaxed event and the atmosphere feels carefree. With these types of venues you can DIY to your hearts content or hire anyone to come in and decorate it for you. However, there are venues out there in Orlando that don’t require much decorating at all - it's just quirky all by itself. If you’re having trouble finding the right venue, check out Wedding Venue Map, they have almost every venue listed in Central Florida. And it’s searchable by every style of venue you can imagine and by your guest count! Seriously, go check it out.

No matter what you're looking for, it's out there. In Central Florida there are no shortages of amazing locations. Check out Jamie and Michael’s wedding video below. If you’d like to see more videos check out our video page here.

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Cassidy + Nick | Engagement Session Photographer | Orlando, FL | Cypress Grove Estate Park

Engagement session season is upon us! Don’t forget to book your session! Check out some amazing photos today with Cassidy and Nick at Cypress Grove Park. If you’d like to check out more of our work and more location ideas, you can visit our engagement session page here.
High-Fives are always a good idea!

High-Fives are always a good idea!

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