Jenine and Lawrence | Mission Inn Resort + Spa | Orlando Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is the number 1 thing people say they regret not getting from their wedding day. Photos are fantastic, but if you have it in your budget to do videography, do it! We offer two different packages for wedding videography, one is a 6 hour package and one is an 8 hour package. Jenine and Lawrence chose the 8 hour package we have which includes two finished videos: a 2-3 minute highlight video and a full length 10 minute video. You can view both of Jenine and Lawrence's videos below and see how they aren't just wedding videos, they are wedding documentaries. They tell the story of your day in a way that brings you right back to the emotion of the day, something you can look at every year when you celebrate one more year together. Contact us today if you're thinking about adding on videography!