Rhiannon + Tony | The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne | Orlando Wedding Photography

Timelines on wedding day are a necessity for sure. When making your timeline don't forget to consider your wedding photography too. The sunset time is an important one. When you pick your date discuss the sunset time with us and we'll be able to help you determine when would be the optimal time to do your portraits and what your options are. If you choose to do a first look (see each other before the ceremony) then you could easily get all of your portraits done before which means you get a fast pass straight to cocktail hour. If you prefer to wait until after the ceremony and the sun has set, then we are set up to do night time wedding photography with off camera lighting equipment to light up the night! Rhiannon and Tony had night time wedding portraits but they turned out great - check out their wedding below at The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne in Orlando, FL. Special thanks to Millenia Catering, Sprinkles Custom Cakes, and Our DJ Rocks