Kristin and Miles: Lake Mary Event Center Wedding

Kristin and miles are one of the most awesomely nerdy people we have done photography for.  Just one reason why we had so much fun, we are pretty nerdy too :)  Every wedding needs lightsaber fights, remote controlled BB-8's and bunches of images with a Harry Potter theme!

Lake Mary Events Center was the venue for this beautiful wedding.  These guys really did  make the most of their wedding day.  A fun "shoe game" was then followed by Miles Serenading his beautiful new wife.  One of the highlights of the night to me was the rendition of "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys, it was awesome and only made better by massive crowd participation.  Check out a recent Facebook post to watch a video of that! Click here to go to the Facebook page!  Congratulations guys, and thanks for inviting us to document your day!