Stephanie + Andrew | Tavares Pavilion On The Lake | Orlando Wedding Photography

We're Orlando Wedding Photographers. One takes on a lot of responsibility when they say that to the world. We're responsible for telling a detailed story of an event that is considered, by many, to be the most important day of their lives. We think that's pretty amazing and we're honored to be apart of so many of our couple's special days. When you tell people what you do for a living you often get asked, "Aren't you nervous you might mess-up something?" Of course, with any job you want to do your best. So in that sense, a few nerves are good - keeps you on your toes. But really, we are just excited to spend the day with a bunch of happy people who are all there to show their support for the couple. And let's face it, people get even happier once they've fully fueled themselves with liquid courage and have dance moves for days. When you have been doing weddings for over 10 years like we have, the people you meet, the funny stories you can tell, and the pictures you have of all of it makes work feel a lot less like work. Check out Stephanie and Andrew's epic event below at the Tavares Pavillion on the Lake and you'll see what I mean about how much fun we have doing wedding photography at our couple's weddings.