Haley + Jaymes (and Pickles!) | Engagement Photography Session | Orlando, FL

You're engaged! You're at the start of your life together. We think this is a perfect time to have an engagement session. Why would you want to have an engagement session you may ask? Here are a few reasons why it's a fantastic idea!

1. You have the opportunity to work with your photographer before the big day! We offer engagement sessions because we want to get to know you too! Plus, it's a lot of fun!

2. You're in Orlando. One of the top destinations in the United States. Orlando offers a variety of backdrops - you've got cityscapes, small towns, and even several beautiful gardens.  If you check our Haley + Jaymes's session below it has a lot of variety in the Church Street Orlando area. Think outside the box on this one too - do you have a favorite place you go together? Do you like being outside? Maybe you can go kayaking, or maybe it's just a favorite local bar.  You give us ideas and we'll be happy to help! Click here to view engagement session photography ideas on our website too for more!

3. Save the Date Cards. There are several websites out there with templates to create your own custom design. It's always nice to include pictures of the two love birds! Plus, show off that newly acquired bling!

4. Non-Wedding Images. You're going to - no doubt - have a bunch of great images from your wedding, but what about what you look like in everyday life? This is a great chance to show off your personality too! If you like eating cupcakes together, let's go do that!

5. And my personal favorite... It's a great morning date! Just think, afterwards you can treat yourself to breakfast at your favorite place. Why not? You're already dressed up and both of you have the morning off together.