Traditional or Non-Traditional Setting? Golden Bear Club | Jamie + Michael | Orlando Wedding Photography

Have you been trying to decide between a traditional wedding ceremony and a more non-traditional setting with a quirky venue? There are a lot of benefits to both, but it just depends on what you feel is most significant to you and your partner's big day.

When you're getting married in a church the structure is already in place - it's not their first rodeo, they do hundreds of weddings a year, some multiple per day. You're not going to have to rent any chairs, set up an alter and most churches even have talented musicians available. You just have to show up bring some programs and you're ready to get married. It may even be a cost saver if you belong to a local church.

If you're not traditional and feel like you and your partner want to get creative, maybe you should look into a venue that's a little outside the box. With a non-traditional wedding location, you can do almost anything. The sky is the limit. Maybe you have your heart set on an outdoor lake setting with plenty of trees or heck, maybe it's tying the knot at your favorite brewery. It's a more relaxed event and the atmosphere feels carefree. With these types of venues you can DIY to your hearts content or hire anyone to come in and decorate it for you. However, there are venues out there too like The Acre in Orlando that doesn't need much decorating at all - it's just quirky all by itself.

No matter what you're looking for, it's out there. In Central Florida there are no shortages of amazing locations.

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