So You Want to Do a Destination Wedding? Nicole and Ignacio | Orlando Wedding Photography | St. Augustine, FL

Who wouldn't want a vacation and a beautiful wedding all at the same time? It's a great idea, getting married away from home has it's advantages! You're already on vacation when you arrive! YAAAS!

Living in Orlando you have your choice of great wedding spots but what about going out of town? One of our number one favorite spots to visit is St. Augustine! It has that small town European feel to it. That’s exactly what Nicole and Ignacio decided to get hitched here!

We compiled a list of all the top advantages of doing a destination wedding for you:

  • Start your marriage off right! Go someplace new, the world is huge!

  • It’s pretty affordable. Contrary to what you would think, lots of top destinations around the world have special low cost packages that you can customize. The bride and groom pay for their own resort stay and the wedding package through the venue and the guests pay their own way to the location and their accommodations. Couples can have a large or small wedding and control the budget. You also may get some discounts and the resorts when book a certain number of rooms or book your honeymoon there too!

  • Shrink that guest list! Sometimes when you’re having a wedding in your home town, you tend to invite way more people then you would if you were traveling abroad, just because you feel obligated. Also, people won’t feel slighted if you don’t invite them because you’re having a smaller wedding and will understand you’re keeping it to just close friends and family.

  • Quality time is another great perk. Since you have a smaller guest list, you’ll get to actually speak with all of your guests instead of running around and trying to speak with all 150 guests you invited. Think about how much more quality time you’ll get with each guest if you only had 50 people.

  • Relaxing is high up on everyone’s priority list when they travel, so everyone is going to be less stressed out. Bring your bathing suits and lets the drinks flow. It’s time to party!

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