Multiple Location Weddings | Do I need my wedding ceremony and reception in the same place? | Chelsea and Eric Wedding Photography

This is a question we get asked a lot. Do I need to have my reception at the same location as my ceremony? The answer is no, it’s totally up to you! There are some advantages to being in one location, mainly logistics. It’s nice not to worry about having to get from one place to another, or that Uncle Bob goes missing along the way.  However, logistics is an easy thing to arrange if you plan in advance, and if you’re worried about it you can always hire a day of coordinator to make sure someone is there pointing people in the right direction.  Chelsea and Eric had their wedding ceremony at St Margaret Mary Catholic Church with an impressive place for a wedding ceremony.   Their reception was at the Holy Trinity Reception Center, everyone looked a little more relaxed on the steps to this venue before the party got started.


Both venues were exactly what they were looking for and everyone made it to exactly where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. A big advantage of multiple locations is that it gives you even more of a selection of locations for your wedding photography and all those cute portraits you want of your big day.  My advice: Do what makes you happy, 1 location, 2 locations or a bar crawl around the city, whatever will make you smile the most!

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