Dianne + Michael's Intimate Destination Wedding Photography | Westgate Resort | Orlando, FL

Ever thought about inviting fewer people to your wedding? It has some big advantages when everyone wants to spend a little less this year. Intimate weddings and destination weddings are a really great way to celebrate in a big way, even though you're keeping your guest list small. It has a some huge advantages. Check out the top three that we listed below.


Top Advantages To Doing An Intimate Wedding in Orlando.

  1. You’ll Save Some Money. You won't have to pay for as many guests and venue rentals are usually cheaper so the money you save there you might be able to upgrade your food since you're only buying a couple dinners vs hundreds.

  2. It's More Personal. You will have a chance to speak to every guest, not just a few. Think about all the quality time you'll be able to get on your big day.

  3. Less Stress. Instead of worrying about so many people, you'll be able to focus on what really matters, which is celebrating the two of you starting a life together! Check out Dianne + Michael’s intimate destination wedding at Westgate Resort - so many big smiles!