Family Photography in Orlando | Yvonn's Family Vacation!

Orlando is a great place for a family vacation or reunion! We get the opportunity to meet families from all over the world, and get some really FUN photos while everyone is together. Recently Yvonn gave us a call to come over to their vacation house and do some family photography with her tribe. Four generations of fun all around one swimming pool.

Tips for planning YOUR family vacation photo session:

  1. Think about location! Are you looking for a natural park setting, or more of a downtown look? Maybe you are going for Ice Cream, or an activity something you love. Once you have a few ideas talk to you photographer and ask them if they have any suggestions of local areas based on the style you’re going for.

  2. Wardrobe! In this shoot Yvonn decided to get the whole family in blue shirts, each little “sub family” has their own tone of that color. Some families like to use a color theme, others like to come as they are. There are no rules! As a general suggestion aim for solid colors and try to avoid black and white, and patterns that are too busy. Just remember - if you feel comfortable you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera. Also, remember to dress for the weather.

  3. Props! If you have small kids it’s sometimes nice to bring along a blanket to sit on, or some fun toys we can play with. Books, board games, football, picnics - this list is endless. Not all family photography needs to be everyone looking at the camera, getting some more natural candid portraits is nice too!

  4. Timing! On vacation not everyone wants to get up too early….. however, usually earlier in the morning has the best light, and less chance of rain here in Florida. Everyone is usually feeling a bit more rested in the morning than after a day of activities.

  5. HAVE FUN. This is by far the most important. Planning is great, but don’t over prepare or worry about the shoot. The best images are going to come from having fun and being relaxed with each other. Kids will be kids, and they may not always be looking the right way, and sometimes a finger may be stuck up a nose but sometimes those are the funniest pictures to look back on!

If you are looking for a family photography shoot here in Orlando, Florida then feel free to reach out and share your awesome ideas -