Christmas Day Engagement Photography | Engagement Season has Begun! Disney Boardwalk in Orlando

It seems like everyone is happier around the holidays, and maybe that’s why the holidays mark the start of engagement season! In the USA there is a spike in the number of engagements starting from Thanksgiving and continuing to Valentines day. The number one day to get engaged is Christmas day!!! An almost guaranteed day off work to spend with loved ones, and a day that gifts are already on the mind so why not make that gift a ring. Plus its a great time to throw a surprise engagement party seeing as all of the family are already in town.

In our area 17% of proposals happen on the same 10 days of the year, and 40% of proposals are during engagement season. If you just got engaged, or know someone else that did, check out our new special offer on all wedding photography packages!

Payton and her fiance flew down to Florida on vacation with some friends to hang out at one of their favorite places…. Disney. We met them at the Disney Boardwalk to get some engagement photography of them during the holiday season. Disney’s Boardwalk is a great place to walk around and get multiple locations all in one shoot. We took an hour to explore the area, and got a bunch of great shots, here is just a small selection.

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So You Want to Do a Destination Wedding? Nicole and Ignacio | Orlando Wedding Photography | St. Augustine, FL

Who wouldn't want a vacation and a beautiful wedding all at the same time? It's a great idea, getting married away from home has it's advantages! You're already on vacation when you arrive! YAAAS!

Living in Orlando you have your choice of great wedding spots but what about going out of town? One of our number one favorite spots to visit is St. Augustine! It has that small town European feel to it. That’s exactly what Nicole and Ignacio decided to get hitched here!

We compiled a list of all the top advantages of doing a destination wedding for you:

  • Start your marriage off right! Go someplace new, the world is huge!

  • It’s pretty affordable. Contrary to what you would think, lots of top destinations around the world have special low cost packages that you can customize. The bride and groom pay for their own resort stay and the wedding package through the venue and the guests pay their own way to the location and their accommodations. Couples can have a large or small wedding and control the budget. You also may get some discounts and the resorts when book a certain number of rooms or book your honeymoon there too!

  • Shrink that guest list! Sometimes when you’re having a wedding in your home town, you tend to invite way more people then you would if you were traveling abroad, just because you feel obligated. Also, people won’t feel slighted if you don’t invite them because you’re having a smaller wedding and will understand you’re keeping it to just close friends and family.

  • Quality time is another great perk. Since you have a smaller guest list, you’ll get to actually speak with all of your guests instead of running around and trying to speak with all 150 guests you invited. Think about how much more quality time you’ll get with each guest if you only had 50 people.

  • Relaxing is high up on everyone’s priority list when they travel, so everyone is going to be less stressed out. Bring your bathing suits and lets the drinks flow. It’s time to party!

Want to see more destination weddings? Check out our gallery here.

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Why do I need an engagment session? | Cocoa Beach Engagement Session | Alan Shepard Park | Orlando Area

Engagement season is coming up really soon! Which for you means you’ve just gotten engaged and you can’t wait to share it with the world! That’s where we come in. Let’s make it official with some awesome pictures of you and your future spouse! So why exactly do you need an engagement session? There are a couple of reasons it makes sense to have a few pictures taken before the big day.

Get to know your photographer.

This is a great chance to get to connect with your photographer. Not only do you get to know us better, we get to know you too! We like to find out what makes you guys laugh together. Tell us your story, we can’t wait to hear it!
Untitled design-2.jpg

Save-the-Dates, Announcements and Invitations.

There are so many great things to use your engagement photography on once you have them taken. Sometimes people haven’t seen you two together, so give them a snapshot of your fireworks! Plus, you’ve got to blow that up all over social media, right?
Untitled design.jpg

Remember where it all started.

Every couple’s story started somewhere. You could have your engagement session taken in that place. It could have been a local coffee shop or maybe you bumped into each other while you were in line for a coke at the movie theater. Your engagement session can be a great time to relive that first meeting excitement.

Untitled design-2.jpg

It’s just fun.

I know, but really, it’s just fun. Pick something you really enjoy doing together so you can get real smiles doing something you enjoy. Or maybe it shows off your personality together as a couple.

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Best way to include your dog in your family session | Orlando Family Photography | Downtown Winter Garden, FL

“Can we bring our puppies to our portrait or engagement session?” That’s one of the questions we love to answer with a excited YES! We love puppies. There are a lot of great tips and tricks to get the best out of your furry family members.

When there are puppies involved, usually there are lots of smiles. As you prepare for your engagement session or family photography session, think about how to make your pet comfortable. Dogs are unpredictable, which makes for some fun photos!

Here are a few ideas on how to get your puppy ready for their close up.

  1. Got treats or a favorite toy? Bring them along. It’s a great way to keep your dog interested as well as entertained while we photograph you together. It’s even better if your pet loves a squeak toy because that high pitched noise will most likely make them make that adorable cute head tilt. Awww!

  2. Go for a run or a walk before heading out to your session. Most dogs are a lot calmer after they’ve been on an energetic walk right before they take pictures. It gets all the jitters out.

  3. Pick a location for the portrait session that includes some fun for your pet too. Sometimes, if you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest taking them to the dog park and let them run around and just be a dog. If they love to swim, take them to a dog beach, it always makes for some fun action shots with the water too. Plus, all the sniffs are free.

  4. Bring a good friend your dog knows with you to hold on to your puppy while you and your partner get some portrait pictures together as well.

    We can’t wait to work with you and your furry friends!

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Should We Do a First Look? Orlando Wedding Photography | Winter Park Farmer's Market

There is always something nice to be said about traditions that span thousands of years. However, in the same breath we're big fans of breaking the rules too. It's 2019 after all. Doing an untraditional “first look” comes with some advantages if you're feeling a little less traditional and want to mix it up on your wedding day:

No Jitters
Instead of waiting all the way until the ceremony to see each other for the first time in your fancy clothes, you get to see each other beforehand so you don't have to be nervous!

Cocktail Hour? Yes!
If you are a couple who wants to mingle with their guests at cocktail hour a first look is a great idea. You can quite easily do all of your portraits before the ceremony giving you the time afterwards to attend cocktail hour with your friends and family.

Emotional Images
When you see each other for the first time, it sometimes brings up some emotion. This makes for some great documentary wedding images of your partners reaction to seeing you for the first time. 

If you want to switch it up a little bit from traditions on your wedding day and get in a little extra cocktail hour, our suggestion is to go for the first look.

Check out Kate and Nate's wedding photography below

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Client Love | Wedding Photography Review from Chelsea!

We always have fun with our clients, and it’s great to know they have fun with us too. There are so many super fun wedding venues in Orlando to have a bunch of fun at, and this was one of them. A big thanks to Chelsea for the recent review, your words were so kind that we thought we would share them!

“We used Kellie and Lindsay for our engagement photos, and also photo and video for our wedding!! We do not have enough good things to say about them. We loved Kellie from the first meeting, and she always made us feel so comfortable. They are very responsive and easy to work with. On the wedding day, you barely knew they were there (in a good way)! They have a great energy and we were lucky to have them on our wedding day! We would definitely recommend them! We got so many great pictures and loved every minute!”

Click here to see some more reviews from happy couples!

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Family Portraits on Vacation! | Ritz-Carlton Grand Lakes | Orlando, FL

Are you coming to Orlando on a vacation? If you are, look us up! There are so many benefits of doing a family photography session while on vacation. First of all, you look relaxed and rested, you're already having fun, and you're in Orlando with all our great weather! The Roy family contacted us because her mother and father were celebrating their 50th anniversary. Congratulations! A lot happens in 50 years.

A couple quick tips when you're getting ready for your family photography session:

  1. Color Match Your Outfits. When I say color match, I mean pick patterns and colors that are similar but you all aren't wearing the same exact outfits. Maybe mom wears a solid blue shirt while dad wears a lighter blue patterned shirt. Maybe the kids have a mixture of solids, patterns and stripes in a variety of shades of blue. Also feel free to add another color if you'd like to mix it up but use it sparingly.

  2. Eat Before Your Session. No one feels their best if their stomachs are empty. Hangry isn't a good look. If you have kids with you, they will probably be hungry during the shoot, so maybe bring a few snacks with you too. Plus, helps keep them happy when they are waiting for their turn.

  3. Have Fun. This is an important one! If you'd like, you can do an activity with your family that will be laughter inducing such as maybe Twister, Jenga, card games, or maybe it's water balloons! Whatever it is, bring it along. Photographs of families always look better when everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves. Maybe you have a pet, bring him or her along too! They are part of the family.

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Wanna Have the Best Day Ever? Morgan + Ray's Wedding Photography | Club Lake Plantation | Apopka, FL

Don't worry, follow these simple tips and tricks and you're going to have the best wedding day ever. We've been in the wedding industry for over 10 years now and have done thousands of weddings in that time. We've seen what works, what doesn't and what you should focus on when the day finally arrives.

1. It's you and your partner's big day, no one else.

You've spent probably the last year trying to make everyone happy and get every last detail right. If things come up, tell people what you want done and let them take care of it. You're past the point of having to manage every detail.

2. Don't sweat the small stuff, focus on being present. 

Weddings go fast, I mean, really fast. You don't want to miss the big day. I hear it all the time from so many brides and grooms. Sometimes people forget to even eat because they are too busy talking to all their friends and family members. You painstakingly picked out all the food, don't miss out! Just sit back and try to take it all in. Even better, if you are missing cocktail hour, have the catering staff bring the Hors d'oeuvre's and specialty cocktails to you and your wedding party at portrait time after the ceremony so you don't miss out on those.

3. Sleep, eat, and water.

Don't forget to take care of yourself. Sleep is important for sure. You'll be celebrating through the night - probably several nights in a row leading up to the wedding but make sure to sleep in and be fully rested. If it helps to wind down from the stress of wedding planning, try some yoga or going out for a run - it might help clear your head. Also, you need to eat, and drink plenty of water. I've seen so many brides and grooms be extremely dehydrated on their wedding day due to the excessive heat here in Orlando in addition to enjoying several adult beverages. 

4. Pass Your Phone Off to Someone Else.

This kind of goes along with number 2. You've already planned every detail, you don't need to continue to manage every vendor and every question on the big day. You want to enjoy what you've planned, so pass your phone off to someone else you trust to take calls on your behalf and organize any last details.

5. Comfy Shoes

This is a big one! You're probably getting married in some killer heels or fancy wingtips, but that doesn't always work out the rest of the night if you're going to bust a move on the dance floor. There are so many popular options for a second pair of shoes. We've seen custom converse, brightly colored Tom's and even flip flops. Chances are we can't see your feet under the dress anyway. And guys, a snazzy pair of sneakers go great with suits or tuxes, plus adds a little personality.

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What is a documentary wedding video? | Katie + Mike | Central Florida Wedding Videography | Mission Inn Resort

You've reserved your photographer, you have the dress, and all the details are accounted for, but what about a wedding video? A bunch of people were polled on a popular wedding website after their wedding and the one thing most people regretted after the big day was not getting a wedding video.

Wedding videos are different than photography. Videos provide sound, emotion and movement. You'll be able to hear the crackle in their voice as your partner reads his or her vows, the little sniff after you shed a tear, and the cheers from your guests as you enter your get-away vehicle after your super fun sparkler exit!  

We have a documentary style of videography. A documentary wedding video captures the wedding day in a natural way - reporting on events as they happen, no moments are set-up ahead of time. Audio from the ceremony and speeches are included to tie it all together and bring in the emotion of the day. It can be edited together in a linear form (one event right after the other), but doesn't necessarily have to be (vows being overlaid in the audio as you're getting ready).  They tend to be shorter, but high impact which is great for sharing on social media with your friends.

Check out our video package prices by clicking here! We have several affordable wedding video options.

Check out Katie + Mike's wedding video below! Enjoy!

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5 Great Reasons to have an Outdoor Wedding Venue | Bo and Jeff | Orlando Wedding Photography | Harry P. Leu Gardens

Everyone loves a great wedding location - Leu Gardens in Winter Park, FL is one of the beautiful botanical garden locations in the Orlando area. Picking an outdoor wedding ceremony has so many great benefits.

1. It's already beautiful: Whether you pick a beach, a garden or a lake you'll be surrounded by natural beauty that is already there. You won't have to spend a lot of money on decor. It can be a big money savings.

2. Your wedding photography will pop: The natural lighting that outdoor locations provide is perfect for wedding photography. All subjects from the bride and groom to all the finest details always look best in natural lighting. Some people think it's not great if it's overcast, but really, overcast lighting is the best due to the way it creates natural soft lighting which helps make everyone look their best!

3. Sound (Ambience): You'll most likely have music playing at your outdoor ceremony, however, think about the natural soundtrack you'll hear outdoors too. Birds chirping and butterflies flying. It certainly makes it feel romantic.

4. No Space Limitations: Being outdoors, you have almost unlimited space. Invite all the people you want because you saved so much money on the decor and venue rental.

5. Best of Both: A lot of outdoor locations have an indoor location close by or on property that you can rent to get inside if you prefer to leave nature outdoors after the ceremony. It's a great because you get the best of both worlds.

No matter what outdoor location you pick, it's going to be awesome, you get to marry your best friend! Check out this wedding below of Jeffrey and Bo at Leu Gardens where they chose to have an outdoor ceremony and a indoor reception.

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