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A wedding video is a great way to relive your big day.  Photography is amazing but a wedding video can capture those extra moments as they unfold. I bet you never thought you would see granny on the dance floor rocking out to “Fireball” or doing the “Stanky Leg” but with a video of your wedding day you can share that moment with everyone for years to come!

Our wedding video packages are based around the final edited product, and the amount of time we are there. After much research on wedding video production we found people are now requesting shorter videos. We offer the Short Video Package featuring a 5 minute edited wedding video and the Feature Video Package with a 10 minute edited video and a 2-3 min highlight reel of your wedding day (that way you can easily share on social media!). We created the format of these videos based on what most of our clients ask for, but they are all customizable. Just let us know how you want your wedding day captured in video form! Both Packages include a beautifully designed custom DVD case.  

A wedding video is also a great way of capturing the vows and other great moments in audio! We believe that a great video production should include some audio from your big day. Before you know it your wedding day is over and everything has happened so fast! Watching your video afterwards brings all those memories flooding back, and even a few moments you may not have seen!

Video packages are customizable and we can create any video that you need!  All you need to do is share your idea and we'll make it work.  The Conleys wanted to say thank you to all of their guests by creating a video for them to watch at the start of the reception before the introductions.  They also got a full feature wedding video, but really wanted this extra to be able to say a huge and personal thanks to all of their guests.

No matter how big or small your wedding is, it's always great to be able to look back at your wedding video.  We provide both vow renewal and intimate wedding photography and videography.  Scott and Emily came over from the UK with their kids for a vow renewal, check out their video to see how beautiful intimate wedding videos can be.  I'm sure the kids will love to see this when they grow up.